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My son and I have been patients of Dr. Greenfields for about 2 years now. We have both been treated with AK, Chiropractic, NAET, NET, and Ion Cleanse Foot baths. We first came to Dr.G because of my son, Jonathan"s food allergies. From the very beginning Dr.G took a personal interest in Jon"s care. She was determined to get to the root cause of his sensitivities. After a few months of treatment we began to see some healing take place and Jon was able to add some foods back into his diet.

I began my treatments about that time and received the same quality care. One thing that stands out, is when I found out I was sensitive to most grains. I was at a loss as to what I could eat to replace them ( I had begun sprouting grains and fermenting flour (mixing whole grain flour with liquid) ). DR ... more
Barbara D.
When I began seeing Dr. Greenfield for severe back pain, I could not walk, stand, sit or lie down comfortably. No matter what I did, I was in pain. after a few treatments with Dr. Greenfield, I started to feel better with the adjustments and ultrasounds she performed. Within one month I felt like a new woman. The pain was completely gone!! Thank you Dr. Greenfield for always taking the time to listen, to inform, and for continuing to always keep the pain away.
Louise N.
My name is Tommy and I have been seeing Dr. Ward for a couple of years now. I am a firm believer in chiropractic after placing my health-care in her capable hands. What I would like to discuss however, is the nutritional recommendations that Dr. Ward has given me and how they have affected my well being. For approximately 4 months before and during the holiday season I was starting to experience some troubling physical symptoms. My joints were in pain much of the time, and I experienced incessant burning and numbness in my hands. I would wake up in the middle of the night with my arm completely numb and no amount of repositioning would help the tingling and pain. By January the frequency of these events was nearly constant and I was starting to worry. I expressed my concern to Dr. Ward at ... more
I have had the opportunity to receive excellent care from Dr. Darcy Ward. My experience with her reflects true listening to my symptoms, great evaluation questions to seek a deeper understanding of my health, plus a compassionate manner in relating to my physical body. Just to give one example let me tell you that I walked into Dr. Ward"s office one day with a horrible headache. She kept working with me until it was completely gone. I had been having these stress related headaches and just could not get rid of them. After Dr. Ward did her "magic" I"ve never had them again...and it has been nearly 3 months!
Dr ward promotes a true holistic approach to my health care. She gives her patients the gift of simply being "present." She never makes me feel like she is rushed or in a hurry. I am sincerely ... more
Christina C.
I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Ward and the staff at Carolina Chiropractic and Wellness the last few months. Dr. Ward has been treating me for pain from degenerative discs and constant pain in my neck and arms. After just my first treatment with the ML830 laser light, twitching I had been experiencing in my left eye subsided considerably. After subsequent visits, the twitching eventually stopped. Through Dr. Ward"s deep tissue work andmanipulations, I have been relieved of the constant pain that has been a hindrance in my day to day activities for the past few years. I am not 100% but I am hopeful that I can now get better without surgery. Dr. Ward has also given me natural food supplements that have increased my overall well being. I have newfound energy. She truly cares about ... more
Nancy Z.
I was in such terrible back & leg pain on my first visit, even sitting was painful.
Dr. Ward informed me my femur was out of place and then adjusted me and suggested exercises I could do to help. I immediately felt better, and surprisingly my nerves weren't in a vice grip anymore.
After a couple of more treatments I began to ask Dr.Ward about my wrist & neck pain, which she adjusted and made those feel better too. Dr. Ward even helped my RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) by suggesting a whole food supplement.
I felt so much better I suggested my husband see Dr. Ward for his back and jaw pain which has helped him tremendously as well. Thank you Dr Ward for making the both of us feel more in-line and energized.
The Burke's
With my demanding travel schedule coupled with a fair amount of computer work, my shoulders & neck are consistantly tight. Since I have been seeing Dr Ward, my neck pain and headaches have virtually gone away. The combination of stretching and adjustments she performs on a monthly basis has worked wonders for me. I highly recommend Dr Ward to anyone with back or neck pain and headaches. She is one of a kind and I look forward to my monthly visit to her office.
Gregg B.
I have suffered from back and neck pain for the past 17 years, during which I"ve tried numerous treatment options. What attracted me to the Carolina Chiropractic and Wellness Center was their integrative approach to providing care, ranging from the more traditional approaches of chiropractic care and myofascial trigger point release techniques, to less conventional treatments of applied kinesiology and neuro emotional techniques, to eastern medicines of acupuncture and tuina medical massage work. While I had received some of these treatments individually over the years, I had never worked with a collaborative team of doctors and care providers who could focus so intently on my entire set of health concerns.
When I began working with Dr. Darcy Ward, I instantly felt that she genuinely cared ... more
Susan W., Wake Forest
When you walk through their door you know you are in a place of peace and calm. Every member of their staff that I have worked with or encountered is supportive, compassionate, very kind and will work with you anyway they can to help accommodate whatever you need whether it"s advice on who to see, scheduling, rescheduling, insurance questions, etc. And I"ve never had to wait in their waiting area more than a few minutes.
My Best experience at CCW was learning that there was a solution to my medical problem by changing my diet and adding exercise and acupuncture. They also have creative financing options to allow me to continue therapy.
Coming to CCW means a stable environment where I can come for treatment and advice that works! It has changed my health when traditional [western] medicine could not offer treatment. In addition the staff at CCW always promotes a healing, caring environment and is always willing to help.
B. W.
I first went to Brian thinking I wanted a facelift using acupuncture (at least that was my intention). He took one look at me, asked a few questions and told me a facelift was the last thing I needed. He had the awareness and knowledge to see I was functioning in "fight or flight" mode and knew I needed something else. After asking more questions he promised he would give me a facelift if I still wanted it, after he got my nervous system and hormones balanced. Due to several devastating losses, starting menopause, and trying to juggle my art business and family responsibilities, Brian showed me how my nervous system was completely shot and I needed help. I had used therapy and pharmaceutical drugs and they were obviously not doing the job. I agreed to let him treat me through acupuncture combined ... more
This note is to thank Brian for the many years of incredible health care services he has provided me with. His efforts, attention and professionalism in helping me manage my acupuncture prior to being referred by my Physician and Neurosurgeon.
Since my back surgery in 2000, my body has not been the same. Brian was the first health care provider to provide me with long-term relief from years of chronic pain and nausea. For that I am forever thankful. He has now become my first point of contact when something goes wrong with my back. I can"t even describe how much it means to me to know that despite the challenges that can arise, that I can come to Brian for a non-pharmaceutical solution.
My only regret is that I never encountered the opportunity for acupuncture earlier in my life. As a former ... more
David S.
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